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Costa Blanca


Teulada-Moraira is a municipality in the Valencian Community, located in the northeast of the province of Alicante, in the region of the high sea and has about 15,000 inhabitants.

The town of Teulada is located in the interior, but its municipal has 8 km of coastline on the Costa Blanca. Its port, situated in Moraira, is 6 km from the town centre.

Man inhabited these lands since time immemorial, the vestiges of the upper Palaeolithic and the Neolithic, found in the "Cova de les Cendres", so prove it.

The Mediterranean, a melting pot of cultures and a bridge between civilizations, has marked the physiognomy of this town over the centuries.

The main economic activity of the municipality, agriculture - which still allows us to delight us with the sweet flavor of the Muscat grape and the exquisite liqueur obtained from its elaboration, mistela - is losing its importance in the middle of the s. XX with the arrival of the tourist industry.

Visitors who today approaches, you will discover a place rich in heritage, not only natural, but historical, artistic and monumental; and you'll want to delve into the culture, rich in stories and legends, people sure they will welcome you with the best of his character.

Playa del Portet. The Peninsula of the Cap d'Or, Shelter Cove and the Playa del Portet, of fine sand and crystalline waters. Small and shaped shell, is a magnificent setting for a quiet bath or doing any underwater routes.

Cala Portitxol. On the road of Moraira to the Playa del Portet and close to the mouth of the Club Náutico Moraira, we find the hidden Cala Portitxol, very suitable for diving and fishing.

L´Ampolla. At the foot of the Castle extends L'ampolla, the most crowded, urban and extensive beaches of the town.

Platgetes. Two small coves with clean water which alternate area of sand and rock, and have a sexy paseo-mirador.

L´andrago. Its rocks and the depth of its transparent waters, are perfect for the practice of diving and fishing. An attractive viewpoint dominates the Cove, offering one of the panoramic more photographed this coast.

Cala Cap Blanc. The route from Cala L' Andragó until Cala Cap Blanc becomes essential to know the cliffs and see from the viewpoints the breathtaking landscapes that are part of this coastline.

In the numerous restaurants in Teulada-Moraira, some of them recommended by the prestigious Michelin Guide, you can taste exquisite delicacies, combining traditional cuisine, with other nationalities.

The fish, with the quality mark Moraira Bay, captured using traditional fishing gear, offers different and tasty combinations teuladian such as "putxero de polp" "fish soup" or different salted tuna, "bull" or "anxova".

Rice is the star of the kitchen teuladina, with delicious dishes such as the "arròs a banda", "arròs amb fesols i naps", "paella amb sardines and spinach" or "arròs negre". A "sticky rice with Octopus", a "arròs de senyoret" or a "baked rice" casserole, have without a doubt something that tastes like tradition.

All this is well watered, with wines and spirits of the area.


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